You can contact me the following ways;

Please don't hesitate to contact me in regards to any questions or booking queries you may have. I will get back to you as soon as possible :)


Where are you located?

I'm based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia. I'm available for parties, real estate and pre-balls if it's located between Mindarie, Morley and the CBD. If it is an event, wedding, or sporting club I am currently available statewide.

When did you start?

I started the JKD Photography page in late 2015 and shot my first party in December of 2015. in 2018, after a few years of shooting house parties, preball's and underage events, I turned 18 and began regularly shooting Club Humble whilst also shooting other busy events such as Seasons, Origin NYE, Hidden and Rushmore. I have also been involved in shooting a number of exciting brands such as Crowd, Control, Elvn-11 and StreetX aswell as properties for Harcourts and Perth Holiday Stays.

What type of photos do you take?

Whilst I mainly shoot nightclub, events and birthday celebrations I am also available and have experience in shooting real estate, weddings, portrait or team photos for sporting clubs.

Do you have a WWCC?

Yes, I currently hold a Working With Children Card (WWCC) for Western Australia.

Do you have anymore of your images I can see?

Of course! Check out my Instagram (@jkd__) or Facebook Page (JKD Photography). Alternatively get in contact with me and I'll be more than happy to share some past albums done for clients with you!

When will the photos be ready?

Depending on what type of shoot is undertaken will determine when the images will be ready. How busy I am will also have to be considered as well.

Parties are usually posted to my page within 24 hours of leaving whilst festivals and larger events may take a few more days.

Weddings are an incredibly special moment in your life and whilst I am excited to share the pictures with you I will usually take a week or two going over them to give them that extra touch (I usually get carried away and send you a picture here and there anyway).

Why didn't you post my photo?

There are a few reasons why I might not have posted your photo -
- Somebody has asked me to delete the image or not to post because they're in it.
- The person who has booked me has asked me not to post it.
- Either somebody in the foreground or background of the image appears too intoxicated or is pulling a funny face - If I wouldn't be comfortable seeing myself in that position in the album the next morning then I will delete it (unless the person says it is fine).
- Sometimes the event promoter or venue wants to market their brand/venue in a certain way and choose not to post photos of individuals acting in certain ways, such as using offensive gestures or innaproppriate body language.

If a photo has not been posted for one of the above or a different reason then I apologise but I will be unable to send the image to you.

How much do you charge?

Pre-ball packages start from $250 and Real Estate is $160 for an average sized house. For a quote or price query for anything else please get in contact with me.