Photo by Alex Hayward // @ahpixs

Where it began

When I was young I was always stealing my Mum's camera to play about with. I think I was 8 or 9 years old when I was fortunate enough to receive my first camera for Christmas.

From then on I’d take photos of everything – from family holidays to family gatherings. As I got my first part-time job when I was 14, I borrowed some money from my mum to buy my first DSLR camera, a Canon 1200D and a few basic kit lens’. I slowly paid her back with my weekly earning and then I borrowed some more money and bought a Canon 5D III and a variety of full-frame lens’.

In late 2015 just after my 15th birthday I decided it was time to take the next step. I asked a friend of mine if they wanted me to take photos at their birthday party and from there I created a page and posted them to Facebook. I realised I was really serious about making this a huge part of my life so I registered as a business with ASIC.

Since then I have shot over 150 parties – ranging from house parties to 18th’s to 21st, all the way to formal 60th birthday ‘sit-down’ dinner parties. During my younger teenage years I was also fortunate enough to gain experience and knowledge at over 30 underage events which has now paved the way for my regular nightclub bookings. Since turning 18 I have shot over 150 events and had many sleepless weekends – regularly shooting Club Humble and other busy venues in Northbridge and Perth City. In 2020, I was fortunate enough to be booked for Leavers WA - the biggest leavers events that happens in WA.

I am a motivated young person which has enabled me to seek and pursue many opportunities. These opportunities have enabled me to gain vast experience over the past 5 years, completing almost 300 albums for clients. Commitment and passion has allowed me to experiment and find my own unique style, whilst also allowing me to save up to buy the best, and more reliable equipment.

Other than events and celebrations, I have also been involved in a number of weddings, real estate shoots, and pre-ball parties.

In 2019, I expanded my business to include sporting club team photos – shooting over 800 kids in over 50 teams for the Quinn’s Districts Junior Football Club (QDJFC). As a playing life member at QDJFC, I spent many hours there volunteering my time as a kid, also achieved playing life membership there, playing over 150 games in competitions from Year 3-12. Aside from providing team photos to over 800 players, their coaches, managers and committee in 2019, I also shot 50 individual sports portraits. Feedback from parents and committee was great which lead to a rebooking in 2020.

In 2020, I got the opportunity to shoot Origin fields for both days for Club Humble going into the new year and even got the opportunity to shoot Hidden Festival a few months later. I continued to shoot every weekend until Covid-19 shook the world and shut down the football season and all venues that I frequented for work...

Fortunately for WA we were able to get back into things after a few months shut down and have been able to get back into work as restrictions ease.

I have been teaching myself and taking on advice from friends, peers, and industry professionals. in Year 10 at school I completed two stints of work experience with 3P Photography whilst I attended Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. 3P Photography are primarily school photographers but also shared some real estate tips with me. In Year 11 I moved over to Mindarie Senior College and worked hard to complete a Certificate II in Creative Industries Media, and was awarded as the highest achieving student in this subject at the end of Year 12. In 2020, I was invited back to Peter Moyes ACS to photograph their Year 7-12 award ceremony.


Some of my clients as an 18+ year old include Club Humble, Seasons, StreetX, Filth, Riidim Perth, Culture Kings, What If Fridays, Quinns Districts Junior Football Club, Perth Holiday Stays and the City of Joondalup. When I was underage you could regularly find me photographing R-U18, The U18 Project, and other youth events coordinated by local government.

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